A Few Things you should know About Florida Classic

Regardless of the season, there are many things that people can do and see in Florida. Of course, if you are a great fan of football, then you should probably wait for the season to begin so you can enjoy some of the best football games. One of the most popular games is the one between the Rattlers of Florida A&M University and the Wildcats (Bethune-Cookman University). This annual college football match is known as the Florida Classic.

It all started back in 1978 when the first game was played. It is good to point out that it was the Rattlers that won this match 27-17, but what’s interesting is that they were losing 17-0 at halftime! That same year, the Florida A&M team won the NCAA Division I-AA championship. It is good to mention that these teams have met before 1978, but starting from 1978 they started playing at a neutral venue – the Tampa Stadium. Today, the Florida Classic is played at Camping World Stadium. The current score is 21-15 in favor of FAMU.

The rivalry between these two teams has always been interesting for the public and besides the thousands of people who are watching this event on TV and the Internet, there are thousands who are attending their matches. The record attendance was in 2003 when 73.358 people watched this match. In any case, every year, more at least 60.000 people watch this match on the stadium and many of them visit the local pubs and restaurants. This means that a lot of traffic is brought to Orlando during Florida Classic and it is now wondering why so many people are using car rental services.

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This year’s Florida Classic will be held on November 21st in Orlando. Don’t miss this opportunity to rent a great car and witness this spectacular event. With the right rental car, you will definitely have a more pleasant experience.