Jeep Beach Waves

I can remember the first time I drove a Jeep. I was in college, at a good friend’s place, hours before the impending ball game. I was one of the last to arrive, so I had not begun my participation in the festivities. The person who was to get the necessary gourmet fare, wings and more beer, already had enough, so I offered to pick up the items. I said I was dropped off so needed to borrow a ride. He reached in his pocket from his position on the couch, and without hardly looking, slung his keys suddenly, I catching them just above my right shoulder. The tag read JEEP. He reminded me to be careful, and looked at me with a smile. I had never driven a Jeep, so I was pretty excited. I was off!

As I made my way to the wing stop, I passed another Jeep, they lifted their fingers and nodded. I thought, “Who was that?” I passed another, this time a lifting of the hand at my vehicle with a smile. I thought, “that was nice.” After a half a dozen acknowledgements, lots of Jeeps in this town, I began to understand. The next Jeep I saw, I slowly lifted two fingers and tipped my head in recognition. It was returned! How cool! I returned to the pregame party, and while I was swarmed by hungry friends, I looked at my buddy who lent me his Jeep. He was still resting comfortably on the couch, we locked eyes, and smiled. I returned the keys and said, “that was awesome, everybody with a Jeep waved at me, and then I waved back!” He said, “Yup, that’s the Jeep wave, where’s my keys?”

Jeep Beach
We have many, many opportunities to engage in this time honored tradition at this year’s Jeep Beach in Daytona Beach, Florida. Jeep Beach is the largest Jeep Only event in the Southeast USA. It’s 5 days of fun in the sun with thousands of our closest Jeep friends! With concerts, beach parties, block parties, fireworks, demos, vendors, culminated with the world’s largest beach cruise down Daytona Beach! Come join the fun, and brush up on your Jeep wave etiquette, there are rules to this! It’s all good fun, and I can’t wait to go!

Florida Jeep Rental
If you’re flying in without your Jeep, or just want to try out the Jeep experience, in the most immersive way possible, I recommend Florida Jeep Rentals. A great place for Jeep rental if you’re flying into Orlando. There are many rental car Orlando options, that may even have jeeps, but you want these guys! They are the best! Pick up a Jeep, enjoy the week, and drop it off when you leave! Look forward to seeing everyone! When we cross paths, I’ll wave!