Why Rent A Jeep In Orlando?

At Florida Jeep Rentals, we show adventurous travel to families, vacationers and business people!  Transportation to Florida attractions and beaches can be part of the fun-time of your Florida Vacation.

Fly to Orlando and Drive to the Beach or Attractions!

Don’t wait until you go to the beach to arrange the best ocean-side transportation! Do you realize that beaches like Cocoa Beach or Daytona Beach are less than an hour and 10 minutes away from Orlando? Florida Jeep Rentals makes driving to your beach paradise into a safari adventure.

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The Advantages of Driving a Jeep!

There is no competition for the excitement and sense of adventure a Jeep adds to a Florida vacation. In traffic, on a coastal highway or a beach back road, a Jeep enhances the feel of the open road.

Florida Jeep Rentals has earned the reputation and the name “Official Vehicle Provider of Florida Fun.”

1. Out-Drive: Florida Jeep Rental brings you adventure in your transportation style, precision built and power packed! You will out-drive and out-maneuver other vehicles on the free-ways and by-ways of Florida.

2. Out-Smart: Seats five (5) people comfortably with room for luggage and sports equipment. Stay dry when Florida showers appear. Our Jeep vehicle tops are easy to operate in inclement weather.

3. Out-Play: With Florida Jeep Rental, you can intensify your Florida vacation experience! Feel the wind in your hair, the power of the wheel and the ocean sunset from the driver’s seat.