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Rental locations in Orlando, Tampa, Ft Lauderdale, Miami, The Keys and beyond. We also offer Jeeps to cruise passengers in Lahaina and Kahului. All rentals (2 door Jeep Wranglers and 4 door Jeep Wranglers) include free mileage. Booking your Jeep for Florida is easy, just use the quick search on our website.

Here's how the payment process works, which takes place upon returning your Jeep. Simply put, you will not pay until you are finished with your Jeep rental.

Our current model Jeep Rates include free mileage and typically the option of 1-2 additional drivers for free. Cancel anytime, no penalty or charges.

One of the most frequent questions we get is, do you rent 4 door Jeeps?

Yes, we rent 2 door Wranglers and 4 door Unlimited Jeep models.

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Discount Florida Jeep Rentals

Jeeps are the 2nd most popular convertible rental vehicle in Florida. That explains why we recommend booking ASAP and rebooking later if the price drops. Lock-in the lowest rate and only pay when you drop-off you Wrangler at the end of your rental period.

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Florida Jeep Rentals is locally owned and operated from Orlando, Florida. Our company offers you "More Smiles Per Gallon!" Browse our pages and we will show you why renting one of our Jeeps is the best way to enjoy a Florida vacation!

Our promise to you!

  1. We guarantee our Jeep vehicles bring you the amazing scenery and Florida sunshine, up close and personal! Just remove the T-top or soft top.
  2. Our company grew out of the basic vision that a Jeep adds its own cool entertainment and adventure to any Florida fun vacation.
  3. We pride ourselves on believing that a vacation should be more than an escape from the ordinary.  With our Jeeps, we transform your ESCAPE into a high-spirited, fun-packed, adventurous ESCAPADE.  No other rental car can deliver the outdoor Florida experience the way a Jeep can.

Within Florida our Jeep rates include free mileage and often 2+ additional drivers for free.

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Can I drive your Jeeps on the Overseas Highway to Key West?

Yes, you can drive all of our Jeeps on the to Key West. Be prepared to sightsee along the way. Have fun!

Key West is part of the Florida Keys archipelago. It's also Florida's southernmost point, lying approximately 90 miles north of Cuba. Famed for its pastel-colored houses. it’s a cruise-ship stop also accessible from the mainland via the Overseas Highway. It’s known more for its coral reefs and diving / snorkeling destinations – than for its beaches.

Why are your rates so low?

We negotiate with the large rental companies to obtain the lowest rates you'll find on Google. The partnership also allows us to offer the exclusive Jeep rental benefits on this page.

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Top reasons to book with us:
1. Customer Service - our top priority
2. Two extra drivers - no charge
3. Young drivers 20-24 yrs - low rate
4. National brands for less than direct


Can I drive your Jeeps to the top of Haleakala?

Of course you can. Enjoy your driving tour to the peak of Haleakala. You can park at the visitor center at the top.

We at FLJeepRental have answers to the most common Jeep rental questions we have received over the years.

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Jeep Wranglers are not the only vehicles available with removable tops. Have you considered renting a different kind of convertible? Visit Florid Sun Car Rental to discover the options.

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